Welsh High School turn their Village Hall into a Planetarium!

On Saturday, February 6, a village hall in the Welsh borders will become a planetarium for a night.

Planetarium Night with the Stars – When Art Meets Science is presented by Gwernyfed High School Astronomy Club and Mike Featherstone, and will see the hall’s curved ceiling transformed into the night sky, offering a unique and unmissable opportunity to see the beauty and the science of the universe in a fascinating new way.

Star-gazers will see and learn about stars, galaxies and nebulae not easily visible to the naked eye as Gwernyfed High School Astronomy Club presents material located through the Faulkes Telescopes in Maui, Hawaii and Australia.

Pupils from Gwernyfed’s Year 12 physics class will be leading the night, giving a 30-minute presentation about objects in the universe, incorporating images and data they themselves have obtained using the Faulkes Telescope, an internet-controlled telescope situated in both Hawaii and Australia.

The Faulkes project is in its fifth year at Gwernyfed, originally established by Steve Williams in 2004. Over this time, the school has gathered a store of images of various objects in the night sky.

Accompanying the Planetarium will be a small exhibition of photographs taken through the telescopes and artistic interpretations of some of the images, and photographer Mike Featherstone will give a unique view of the sky over Powys.

Planetarium Night with the Stars, supported by Old Forest Arts, takes place on Saturday, February 6, at 7.30pm in Glasbury Village Hall. To book tickets, call the box office on 01497 847426.