1st COMENIUS success story: OHP training session, May 7-10 th, 2009

35 participants have joined for our workshop in Observatoire de Haute-Provence, a beautiful place located South of France. This training session took place while the very first International Year of Astronomy occurs in 2009, proclaimed by the United Nations on Dec. 20th 2007, following UNESCO resolution 33 C/25:

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Teachers invited to training session in Cardiff (UK)

In the course of the COMENIUS project, the 2nd European teacher training session will take place in UK, in the city of Cardiff, Faulkes Telescope Operations Centre.
The dates for the workshop are 22nd August - 25th August. The 22nd and 25th August will be 'travel days' for arrival and departure, with the actual workshops being held on the 23rd and 24th August.

The nearest airport to Cardiff is Cardiff International Airport (code: CWL) and we suggest that you try to fly to this airport if possible. There is also an airport approximately 67km away in Bristol (Bristol airport). If flying to London, then there are regular trains which will bring you to Cardiff Central train station, and the journey time is approximately 2 hours.

Training session should include talks, lessons and exercises about:
  • Usage of robotic telescopes
  • Introducing photometry
  • Doppler effect and extrasolar planets
  • Transiting extrasolar planets
  • Introduction to radio astronomy
  • On-line radio observations from Onsala (Sweden)
  • Measuring dark matter
  • Measuring Moon craters
  • Galilean satellites and mass of Jupiter
  • Sun4all
  • HOU resources and the website

For more information please contact:

Dr. Sarah Roberts
Faulkes Telescope Project
School of Physics and Astronomy
Queens Buildings,
The Parade, Cardiff, CF24 3AA

Email: sarah.roberts AT faulkes-telescope .com


Dr. Olivier Marco
EUHOU project coordinator
Pierre & Marie Curie University
Paris, France

Email: marco AT euhou .net

EU teachers invited to France (May 2009)

In the course of the EU-COMENIUS project, teachers are invited to a training session in Observatoire de Haute-Provence (OHP), south of France.

Coming from 14 EU countries, the selected teachers will spend 4 days at OHP, free of charge, to learn new skills to teach science to their pupils. Dates are: 7 - 10 May 2009.

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Plot your own HR diagram

New exercise: Explore the star population inside an open cluster!

In this project you will be shown how to use Faulkes Telescope data to measure the intensity of light from the stars in a cluster (a process known as photometry), through different filters, and plot the colours of the stars on a 'colour-magnitude diagram'. Once a measure of how “red” or “blue” the stars are is made, more informtion about them can be obtained– massive stars are usually very blue (hot), intermediate mass stars (like the Sun) are yellow, and the very lowest mass stars are red (cool). 

Try it!

EU grants 300 000 € to HOU project

European Union supports HOU project 2009-2010 through COMENIUS grants.

The “European Hands-on-Universe teacher training and support program” proposal as a COMENIUS multilateral action within the Lifelong Learning framework has been selected by the European Commission (EC), out of 162 proposals. 

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